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Wyoming Restorative Justice Council

Changing Lenses

A Restorative Justice Road Trip across Wyoming

Over the past few months, the Wyoming Restorative Justice Council has traveled across the State of Wyoming to conduct Community Engagement Forums about the prospective future of Restorative Justice in our schools, communities, and our criminal justice system. WRJC board members presented an overview of Restorative Justice and a review of current Restorative Justice practices and programs around the state. Members of each community participated, providing input specific to their communities needs and identified possibilities of incorporating Restorative Justice into their practices. The WRJC board is grateful for the opportunity to engage with so many passionate people around the state - Restorative Justice is growing!


This year, Community Engagement Forums were held in : 

Casper - April 16th 

Rawlins - May 17th 

Cheyenne - June 18th 

Rock Springs - September 10th 

 Jackson - October 4th 

Next Community Engagement Forum: 2019, location TBD. 

If you are interested in Restorative Justice or the Wyoming Restorative Justice Council coming to your community, please contact us at wyomingrjc@gmail.com.


Check out interviews with WRJC board members Rick Prince and Jen Miner from KCWY 13 in Casper!

What is the Wyoming Restorative Justice Council?

The Wyoming Restorative Justice Council is a non-profit organization focused on the advancement of Restorative Justice throughout the state of Wyoming. WRJC helps to aid, grow, and start Restorative Justice practices and programs and educate communities interested in Restorative Justice. We supply programs with information about Restorative Justice and assist in providing training, education, and contact information for other restorative justice professionals who have partnered with WRJC.


The Wyoming Restorative Justice Council is here to support your Restorative Justice efforts. Let us know how we can further assist your community. We would love to talk with you about Restorative Justice. 

We look forward to building partnership with you, 

        WRJC Board of Directors

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