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Wyoming Restorative Justice Council



The Wyoming Restorative Justice Council is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. Our purpose is to aid in the implementation and development of Restorative Justice practices and programs in the state of Wyoming. We work to accomplish this through educating communities interested in Restorative Justice and also by working to create Restorative Justice legislation for the state of Wyoming.

​WRJC assists in the growth of  Restorative Justice programs and practices by supplying them with information in an easy to access forum. We also help by providing training, education, and contact information for other Restorative Justice professionals who have partnered with WRJC.

​WRJC helps start restorative justice programs by partnering with individuals or groups that are working to form programs or practices and by continuing to search out areas in the Restorative Justice community that are lacking. WRJC works to build Restorative Justice programs and practices in those areas.


It is the mission of the Wyoming Restorative Justice Council to foster the values of and provide equal access to the principles and practices of Restorative Justice throughout the state.

It is the vision of the Wyoming Restorative Justice Council that all Restorative Justice Principles are interwoven into the daily practices of all Wyoming citizens.