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Wyoming Restorative Justice Council

Casper, WY

Natrona County Restorative Justice (NCRJ) is a nonprofit board of the Casper Police Department. NCRJ is currently in the midst of their pilot, Juvenile RJ Conferencing Program. This is in partnership with the Natrona County’s District Attorney’s Office. Juvenile referrals to the program are received from the DA’s single point of entry team and are in lieu of prosecution. For those juveniles that choose to participate in the RJ program, they must be accepting responsibility for this offense and must be willing to meet with the victim in their case, as well as other community members, in an RJ conference process. All juveniles ultimately will have an RJ Contract with specific tasks that make direct reparation to their victim and community. For more information about NCRJ or their pilot program, please contact Jen Miner at 307-233-6603.